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Meet the Trap Team Skylanders
By Hayley Camille
Nov 26, 2015
What would a world be without the heroes that defend it? In this chapter from The Ultimate Player's Guide to Skylanders Trap Team (Unofficial Guide), we’ll meet each Skylander that forms part of Master Eon’s incredible team and get to know their personalities and past achievements. Browse this section to learn about the unique skills and attack moves each character uses to protect Skylands from evil-doers, and decide ahead of time which upgrades suit your fighting style best and which paths will help you reach your Skylanders’ highest potential.
Managing and Sharing Office Files
By Joe Habraken
Nov 24, 2015
In this chapter from Office 2016 In Depth, you'll learn about the Office file formats used in each of the Office applications. You'll also learn your options for managing and sharing files.
Customizing the Office 2016 Applications
By Paul McFedries
Nov 23, 2015
In this chapter from My Office 2016, you learn about customizing the Office 2016 applications, including working with the application options and customizing the interface.
Create a Minecraft Mod with the Spigot API
By Rogers Cadenhead
Nov 12, 2015
Mods are special Java programs that run on a Minecraft server. They can’t be run anywhere else. Writing a mod requires the use of the Spigot API, a set of Java programs that do all of the background work necessary for the program to function inside a Minecraft game. This chapter from Absolute Beginner's Guide to Minecraft Mods Programming, 2nd Edition demonstrates how a mod is created.
Building Basic Formulas in Excel 2016
By Paul McFedries
Nov 11, 2015
This chapter from Excel 2016 Formulas and Functions takes you through some formula basics, including constructing simple arithmetic and text formulas, understanding the all-important topic of operator precedence, copying and moving worksheet formulas, and making formulas easier to build and read by taking advantage of range names.
Digital Engineering with Minecraft: Crafting a Super Maze
By James Floyd Kelly
Nov 2, 2015
In this chapter from Digital Engineering with Minecraft, learn how to create your custom maze, use online-convert.com to create your .svg file, use Tinkercad to turn your 2D maze into a 3D maze, and import your maze into Minecraft.
The Ultimate Player's Guide to Minecraft: Gathering Resources
By Stephen O'Brien
Oct 27, 2015
It might not look like it on the surface, but each Minecraft world is rich with resources. Making the most of them is the next step in getting the most out of the game. This chapter from The Ultimate Player's Guide to Minecraft, 3rd Edition shows you how to build an outdoor shelter, find food to stave off hunger, improve your collection of tools, and build a chest to safely store items.
Using the Activity, Workout, and Other Fitness Apps with Your Apple Watch
By Jason R. Rich
Oct 21, 2015
In this chapter from Apple Watch and iPhone Fitness Tips and Tricks, learn what the Apple Watch editions of the Activity and Workout apps can do, discover how to use the iPhone edition of the Activity app, and find alternatives to the Activity and Workout apps.
Get Acquainted with the GoPro Hero4 Black Camera
By Jason R. Rich
Oct 7, 2015
In this article, Jason R. Rich takes a look at the GoPro Hero4 camera and compares it to other GoPro camera models, as well as point-and-shoot digital camera options for taking pictures and shooting HD video in a wide range of situations.
Predictive Analytics with Microsoft Excel: Working with Seasonal Time Series
By Conrad Carlberg
Oct 1, 2015
This chapter from More Predictive Analytics: Microsoft Excel takes a look at how to decompose a time series so that you can see how its seasonality operates apart from its trend (if any).
Overview of Apple Watch Apps
By Jason R. Rich
Sep 30, 2015
Jason R. Rich takes a look at new Apple Watch apps that give the watch enhanced features and functions, and that can make it more useful in your everyday personal or professional life.
Solving Reader Issues with the Galaxy Tab 4
By Eric Butow
Sep 24, 2015
This article answers several questions submitted by readers of My Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, including how to add credentials to the Galaxy Tab 4, set up Samsung Link between your Tab 4 and your computer, and share multimedia files with another device.
Making the Galaxy S6 More Accessible
By Michael Miller
Sep 7, 2015
Let’s face it. As we get older, it often becomes more difficult to read fine print and sometimes to perform fine motor functions. Fortunately, there are several settings on the Galaxy S6/S6 Edge that can make life easier. This chapter from My Samsung Galaxy S6 for Seniors explores these accessibility options as well as a special Easy Mode that simplifies the phone’s operation.
Understanding Networking as It Relates to Minecraft
By Timothy L. Warner
Aug 18, 2015
If you're interested in discovering the magic of computer programming, developing Minecraft mods might be just the ticket to get you started. In this chapter from The Ultimate Guide to Minecraft Server, Timothy L. Warner covers computer networking (a huge topic) in the space of only a couple dozen pages. By the end of the chapter, you not only will understand what you need to do to put your Minecraft LAN server on the public Internet to host external players, but also will know the "hows" and "whys" behind your configuration.
Viewing, Editing, and Enhancing Photos On Your Mobile Device
By Jason Rich
Aug 4, 2015
In this chapter from My Digital Photography for Seniors, you’ll learn how to use some of the common photo editing and enhancement tools found in most photo editing mobile applications. You also learn about the apps for this purpose that come preinstalled on your smartphone or tablet, as well as some that are available to be downloaded and installed.
Using Google Maps, Navigation, and Google Now with Your Android Phone
By Craig James Johnston
Jul 22, 2015
In this chapter from My Android Phone, learn how to use Google Maps, Navigation, and Google Now, including staying up to date with Google Now, navigating with Google Maps, and taking map data offline.
Making and Receiving Calls on Your Samsung Galaxy S6
By Craig James Johnston, Eric Butow
Jul 17, 2015
In this chapter from My Samsung Galaxy S6, find out how to make and receive phone calls (including conference calls) using your Galaxy S6.
Getting Started with Google Apps
By Patrice-Anne Rutledge, Sherry Kinkoph Gunter
Jul 1, 2015
Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Hangouts, Sites, Vault and more make up the Google Apps universe. In this chapter from My Google Apps, 2nd Edition, the authors tell you what the apps are and what they can do for you. After you’ve decided Google Apps is right for you, signing up is easy and fast.
Video: The Ultimate Guide to Minecraft: Host Your Own Adventure
By Joel Comm, Zach Comm
Jun 18, 2015
In this excerpt from The Ultimate Guide to Minecraft: Multiplayer and Resource Packs, Joel and Zach Comm show you how to set up your own server in multiplayer Minecraft.
Display What’s on Your iPhone or iPad’s Display on an HD TV Using AirPlay
By Jason R. Rich
Jun 15, 2015
Jason R. Rich, author of iPad and iPhone Tips and Tricks, explains the easiest way to make AirDrop work so that you can wirelessly stream whatever is being seen on your iPhone or iPad’s display to any HD television set. This includes digital slide presentations, photos, television and movie programming, or other content you stream from the Internet.

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