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How to Automate Your Home with Your iPhone or iPad
By Jason Rich
Sep 7, 2012
In this article, Jason R. Rich takes a look at a handful of optional products that can be used with your Apple iPhone or iPad in order to automate and control appliances, lights, the thermostat, and other devices within your home from anywhere. Plus, you’ll discover how to use your iOS device as a wireless baby monitor, home video monitoring system, or even to track the location of your dog in real-time.
(Almost) Pain-Free Calendars in Outlook 2013
By Katherine Murray
Sep 26, 2013
Katherine Murray shows you how to create three different types of appointments, drag and drop items into your calendar, and share your calendar effectively.
(Remote) Controlling Your Windows XP PC
By Kulvir Singh Bhogal
Jul 15, 2005
Kulvir Bhogal shows you how to get to the next level of laziness with a low-cost remote control solution for Windows XP and Winamp.
“Must Have” iPhone Accessories For Business People & Entrepreneurs
By Jason Rich
Mar 15, 2011
Jason R. Rich discusses some of the gadgets that can give your iPhone more features, options, and power for handling your daily needs.
10 Apps Every New iPhone or iPad User Should Install
By Jason Rich
Dec 21, 2012
Jason R. Rich focuses on 10 “must have” iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch apps that are available from the App Store.
10 Great Accessories For Your Galaxy Tab
By Lonzell Watson
Jun 28, 2012
See how you can get the most from your Galaxy Tab by exploring hardware accessories such as the optional USB & SD Connection Kit, keyboard dock, vehicle mount, and more.
10 Mail Merge Tricks for Word 2013
By Katherine Murray
Oct 3, 2013
Katherine Murray offers 10 tips to help you reduce the time you spend setting up your merge print and shortcut the problem-solving when things go wrong.
101 Windows Phone 7 Apps: In Case of Emergency
By Adam Nathan
May 3, 2011
This chapter shows you how to develop a handy "In Case of Emergency" app that passersby could use to identify a phone's owner after an accident or other problem.
20 iPhone/iPod Touch Apps to Check Out
By Ryan Faas
May 22, 2009
Ryan Faas put together a list of the 20 must-have apps for any (and all) iPod or iPhone users.
2011 Social Media Directory: Entertainment
By Jeffery A. Riley
Sep 6, 2010
This chapter highlights the best of the social media resources for the entertainment industry from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and the web at large.
4G LTE Is Coming To New Cars in 2015
By Jason Rich
Sep 12, 2013
In this article, Jason R. Rich explores how the addition of 4G LTE Internet connectivity within 2015 model year vehicles will impact the in-car experience for drivers and passengers alike. Discover what a "connected car" will soon be capable of.
5 Things to Try in Office 2013
By Katherine Murray
Sep 12, 2013
Katherine Murray offers up a few of the new features worth trying as you’re considering whether Office 2013 is right for you.
A Beginner's Guide to Shopping Online for Fun and Savings
By Sandy Berger
Nov 23, 2005
Is your Dad or Great Aunt Phyllis intimidated by shopping online? This beginner's guide will help them get up and running — and save you and them a trip to the mall.
A Brief History of Microsoft Windows
By Michael Miller
Aug 3, 2009
Michael Miller is your tour guide for 25 years of Windows: from Windows 1.0 to Windows 7.
A Cocoa Application: Views
By Fritz Anderson
Apr 14, 2006
This chapter introduces Interface Builder, a tool no less important to Cocoa development than Xcode itself. IB is used as a straightforward tool for laying out windows and views. You'll see how to set the many options for automatic sizing of embedded views and how to use Interface Builder's own simulation mode to verify that your layout and sizing choices work.
A Complete Deployment Image
By Jeffrey Ferris
Dec 13, 2000
Windows 2000 deployment expert Jeffrey Ferris shows you how to combine a computer-naming script with NETSET.EXE and a network configuration script to completely deploy a Windows 2000 Professional workstation using a disk-imaging utility and SYSPREP.
A Dozen “Must Have” iPhone Apps for Business Users
By Jason Rich
Jan 31, 2011
This article showcases a dozen powerful apps designed for business users. It offers a preview to the type of features and functionality you can add to your iPhone 3G, iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 4 by downloading inexpensive third-party applications.
A Dozen “Must Have” iPhone/iPad Apps For Business Travelers
By Jason Rich
Feb 3, 2011
This article focuses on a dozen popular iPhone and iPad apps which are ideal for frequent travelers.
A Few Active Directory Basics
By Don Baccus, Ed Brovick, Doug Hauger, William C. Wade
Jul 24, 2000
Active Directory is one of the most talked-about new features of Windows 2000. There are a number of new issues to consider when planning deployment of this new directory services architecture, and there are even more new terms to learn.
A File as Seen from WMI
By Matthew Lavy
Oct 26, 2001
In this article, Matthew Lavy gives a simple taste of the world of WMI by showing how you can use it to investigate and manipulate a file in an NTFS filesystem.

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