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15.6 Reports

By the following Wednesday, Mitra and Emily had finished developing the fixtures for these tests, as discussed in Chapter 34. Everyone was eager to see the results. The report for Figure 15.10 is shown in Figures 15.13 and 15.14.


Figure 15.13 First Half of the Report for Figure 15.10


Figure 15.14 Second Half of the Report for Figure 15.10

Questions & Answers

  1. Why are so many of the actions in Figures 15.13 and 15.14 green?

    Because each of those actions may fail, under various circumstances; for example, a transaction can't be started with an unknown client or staff member.

    (The fixture needs to be defined appropriately by a programmer to have this effect, as we discuss in Chapter 28.)

  2. So why don't you explicitly check that they succeed?

    We could do that. It's just a matter of personal style; the group preferred to keep the actions brief.

The report for Figure 15.12 is shown in Figure 15.15.


Figure 15.15 Part of the Report for Figure 15.12

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