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Network Security at AWS

At AWS, networking is managed at the subnet level, and all subnets are created as a private subnet with no access to the outside world. Subnets reside on your private networks, which are called a virtual private cloud (VPC) at AWS. Only by adding a gateway service to a VPC will subnets be able to be accessed from either the Internet or a private VPN connection from an on-premise network. Chapter 3 has the details on networking at AWS.

It’s important to note that public and private connectivity choices are decisions that are always carried out by each customer; not AWS.

  • Each subnet’s ingress and egress traffic can be controlled by a subnet firewall called Network ACLs that define separate stateless rules for both inbound and outbound packet flow.

  • Each EC2 instance hosted on a subnet is further protected by an additional firewall called a security group, which defines what traffic is allowed into the instance and where outbound traffic is directed.

VPC flow logs can be enabled to capture network traffic for the entire VPC, a single subnet, or a network interface.

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