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Configuring Advertising Preferences

Facebook can share the data it collects with a variety of third parties, including advertisers, apps, and websites. This access used to be kept somewhat secretive, but Facebook is now more open about what it shares with whom. You can even tell Facebook not to share selected data, in many cases.

Review Facebook Ad Settings

Facebook collects and analyzes a variety of data that it uses to select which ads from which advertisers you see on its site. If Facebook, for example, thinks that you’re married, with a college education, and like Star Trek and HGTV, it shows you ads for products and services that relate to these interests.

You can, however, view what Facebook feeds to its advertisers—and, to a degree, edit this information. You do this from the Privacy Shortcuts screen, from either the mobile app or Facebook website.

common01.jpg From the Privacy Shortcuts screen, scroll to the Ad Preferences section.

common02.jpg Tap or click Review Your Ad Preferences.

common03.jpg In the Your Interests section, select a topic to view and edit all the interests you’ve professed in that area.

common04.jpg Tap or click Advertisers You’ve Interacted With to view entities who have served ads to you or remove ads from a given advertiser.

common05.jpg Tap or click Your Information to view specific information Facebook knows about you.

common06.jpg Tap or click Ad Settings to view and edit the types of ads that Facebook serves to your News Feed.

common07.jpg Tap or click Hide Ad Topics to turn off specific types of ads.

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