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  • Q. The SDK attribute for an ASP.NET Core project should be set to what value?

  • A. The SDK attribute should be set to Microsoft.NET.Sdk.Web.

  • Q. In the semantic version number, what type of version does the 2 represent?

  • A. The 2 is the minor version number.

  • Q. NuGet packages are referenced in a .csproj project definition file as part of what element?

  • A. The PackageReference element defines references to packages.

  • Q. What TargetFramework should I specify in a project file to allow the project to be executable on Mac or Linux?

  • A. You should specify netcoreapp1.0 or netcoreapp1.1.

  • Q. How do I extend a project to add additional command-line tools to the dotnet tool?

  • A. You should add DotNetCliToolReference elements to your project file.

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