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Searching with Cortana

Once you’ve set up Cortana to hear you when you say, “Hey Cortana,” you can ask for help in searching for anything. You can also ask a variety of other questions that can help you organize and manage your day. Phrase your question in a regular sentence-style question; Cortana asks for more information if it doesn’t understand.

Seek and Find with Cortana

When you’re ready to search for something, you can wake Cortana up by saying, “Hey Cortana!” Or, if you prefer (if someone is listening on the other side of the cubicle wall), you can click in the Search box and type the word or phrase you’re looking for.

  1. Say, “Hey Cortana!” or click the microphone icon on the right side of the Search box. (If Cortana doesn’t respond to your voice, click the Settings tool in Cortana and make sure the Hey Cortana slider is set to On.)

  2. When you see Listening displayed in the box, tell Cortana what to search for (for example, “Find a Thai restaurant nearby”).

  3. Cortana instantly displays a results page with a selection of search results that match what you’re searching for. Click the result that looks most promising.

  4. Click the map if you want to use the Maps app to find the route to the location.

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