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What You Should See

Exercise 39 Session

$ python3.6 ex39.py
NY State has:  New York
OR State has:  Portland
Michigan's abbreviation is:  MI
Florida's abbreviation is:  FL
Michigan has:  Detroit
Florida has:  Jacksonville
Oregon is abbreviated OR
Florida is abbreviated FL
California is abbreviated CA
New York is abbreviated NY
Michigan is abbreviated MI
CA has the city San Francisco
MI has the city Detroit
FL has the city Jacksonville
NY has the city New York
OR has the city Portland
Oregon state is abbreviated OR
and has city Portland
Florida state is abbreviated FL
and has city Jacksonville
California state is abbreviated CA
and has city San Francisco
New York state is abbreviated NY
and has city New York
Michigan state is abbreviated MI
and has city Detroit
Sorry, no Texas.
The city for the state 'TX' is: Does Not Exist
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