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A Bucket List for Success

Five things account for about 75 percent of success: self-discipline, clarity, ambition, alignment, and attitude. For me these are choices in approach and behavior. I’ve learned them throughout my career, the same as I learned to develop my operating model and emotional intelligence. At every turn, they have led me to take control of myself and my circumstances. In other words, I am the boss of me!

What does it mean to be “the boss of me?” At work and in life, before you report to anyone else, you report to you. You are in charge. You decide where to take your life and career. You determine your path. To achieve success, you find mentors and collaborate with them. You create and manage your own destiny with an internal map and compass, skills, knowledge, and practice. These enable you to become capable of incredible accomplishment and leadership.

Your internal map and compass are made up of your operating model, self-knowledge, and self-discipline. Your values and the life lessons you have learned are your guide.

Think about the people you like to be around and spend time with. I bet that they are self-motivated, comfortable in their shoes, and enjoying life. You can get to the same place. By the time you finish reading this book, you will have an action plan that will help you engage in self-development and manage a career for a successful life.

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