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Today, networks are becoming exponentially bigger and more complex. To maintain visibility and control of the network, many organizations are leveraging or planning to combine big data analytics with real-time, predictive analysis to detect attacks and protect against advanced malware across their networks. This combination can help security professionals address the ever-changing nature of threats that threaten their most important asset, which is data. This chapter provided an overview of the technologies and processes to use big data analytics for cyber security. NetFlow and other telemetry sources play a big role in big data analytics for cyber security. This chapter explained how you can use these telemetry sources to look for indicators of compromise in your network.

Cisco has developed and open source OpenSOC to provide a framework for big data analytics for cyber security. In this chapter, you learned the technologies and architectures used in OpenSOC and how they play a crucial role for security operations. The IoE introduces a lot of security challenges. One of the biggest challenges introduced is the ability to scale to large data sets. It is unavoidable that big data will continue to play a big role in cyber security.

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