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Now What?

Our intention in this initial chapter is to make a case for risk-taking in general (the strategy of running toward risk, rather than away from it). We also wanted to dangle just enough of our philosophy of risk management in front of you to raise a few issues. Following are some of the questions that might be on your mind at this point, questions we’ll address in the chapters and parts ahead:

  • What exactly is a risk and what does it mean to manage it? (Chapter 2)
  • What are the consequences of unmanaged risk? (Chapter 3)
  • Why bother to invest in a different approach? (Chapter 4)
  • What problems do I incur by doing risk management? (Part II)
  • How do I go about it? (Part III)
  • How do I achieve a balance of risk and opportunity? (Part IV)
  • How do I know whether or not I have succeeded? (Part V)
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