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New Service: Wikis

Lotus Connections 2.5 introduces rich wiki capabilities that are tightly integrated into the suite. You can easily discover a person's wiki contributions, create a wiki to share and develop information with your community, and create your own wikis as you need them.

Wikis are role based, and depending on your role in the wiki, you will see different features and capabilities on the wiki pages. The main roles are manager, editor, and reader. If you are a reader of a wiki page, you will not see edit capabilities. If you are a manager of a wiki, you will have the ability to edit administrative settings for the wiki. The Wiki navigation area shows the hierarchy of pages that exist within the currently viewed wiki. If an arrow appears next to a page title, this indicates that there are child pages to view. If there is reference to a Community above the main navigation, as shown in Figure 6.30, you will be able to access the other components being leveraged by the Community. Wikis do not have to be created only from a Community, however.

Figure 6.30

Figure 6.30 Main wiki page

The main user-generated content for the page is in the center and allows you to work with the current version of the page. Here, you may find plain and rich text, images, links, and embedded media. If you are an editor or a manager of a wiki, you are able to edit this content; otherwise, if you are a reader, this content is restricted only to viewing. Below the main content, you can see the last edit date and author, the number of comments, the history of changes, attachments, about information, and a page feed allowing you to subscribe to page changes in a feed reader. History of Changes will take you to a page showing the list of page versions since the page was created, allowing you to compare pages, as shown in Figure 6.31. You can restore to and delete previous versions if you are an editor or a manager.

Figure 6.31

Figure 6.31 Wiki page comparison

At the top of the All Wikis and My Wikis pages is a button that allows you to create a new wiki. When you click that button, you will be prompted to give your wiki a Title, the only required field. Alternatively, you can automatically add a wiki to a Lotus Connections Community and have all the members of the community be added as editors.

If you have the ability to edit a wiki page, click on the Edit button to go into edit mode for that page. You will also see this view if you create a new page. At the top of the page, you will see several tabs, with Rich Text being the default view. The Rich Text view allows you to edit the page using familiar document editing tools such as cut/copy/paste and even includes Paste from Microsoft Word. HTML Source allows you to view and edit the HTML output of the page, and Wiki Text allows you to edit the page using common wiki editing formats, such as "=" surrounding titles and "**" for bolding. Finally, Preview allows you to see your edits before you commit your changes. The page will get autosaved periodically, and you also can manually save and continue working or close using the actions in the upper-right corner. Finally, end users can rate wikis.

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