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From the author of What's "New" in Administrative Tools for Windows XP Users

What's "New" in Administrative Tools for Windows XP Users

Windows XP users will find plenty of "new" and enhanced features in Administrative Tools, including the following:

  • Event Viewer—Displays details of hardware, software, and Windows events, including warnings and failures.
  • Performance Monitor—Provides real-time performance analysis of user-selected subsystems (processor, memory, and more).
  • Print Management—Manages local and network printers.
  • System Configuration—Configures startup and boot options and launches system utilities.
  • Task Scheduler—Schedules tasks to run at user-determined times.
  • Windows Memory Diagnostic—Checks system and cache memory before Windows desktop boots.
  • Windows Firewall with Advanced Security—Configures Windows Firewall to operate in two-way mode.
  • iSCSI Initiator—Configures iSCSI storage on enterprise networks.
  • Windows PowerShell Modules—Replaces snapins as a way to organize and extend Windows PowerShell.
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