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Next Generation SOA: A Concise Introduction to Service Technology & Service-Orientation
By Thomas Erl, Pethuru Chelliah, Clive Gee, Jürgen Kress, Berthold Maier, Hajo Normann, Leo Shuster, Bernd Trops, Clemens Utschig, Philip Wik, Torsten Winterberg
Oct 31, 2014
More Agile Testing: Learning Journeys for the Whole Team
By Janet Gregory, Lisa Crispin
Oct 6, 2014
12 More Essential Skills for Software Architects
By Dave Hendricksen
Aug 27, 2014

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Architecting BPM Solutions with TIBCOŽ
By Ben Gundry
Apr 15, 2015
$31.99 (Save 20%)
Architecting BPM Solutions with TIBCOŽ
By Ben Gundry
Apr 15, 2015
$25.59 (Save 20%)

Articles and Chapters

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How Agile Testing Has Evolved
By Lisa Crispin, Janet Gregory
Dec 16, 2014
Video: Test Driven Development, Refactoring and Pair Programming: Incremental Design
By Bryan Beecham
Dec 15, 2014
From Mathematics to Generic Programming: The First Algorithm
By Alexander A. Stepanov, Daniel E. Rose
Dec 2, 2014
Preface to The Software Craftsman: Professionalism, Pragmatism, Pride
By Sandro Mancuso
Dec 1, 2014
Video: Tommy Norman on Advanced Scrum
By Tommy Norman
Nov 6, 2014