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Scrumban [R]Evolution, The: Getting the Most Out of Agile, Scrum, and Lean Kanban
By Ajay Reddy,
Jul 9, 2015
DevOps: A Software Architect's Perspective
By Len Bass, Ingo Weber, Liming Zhu
May 18, 2015
Common Information Models for an Open, Analytical, and Agile World
By Mandy Chessell, Gandhi Sivakumar, Dan Wolfson, Kerard Hogg, Ray Harishankar
May 7, 2015

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Continuous Delivery LiveLessons (Video Training), Downloadable Version
By Jez Humble
Sep 7, 2015
$239.99 (Save 20%)
Beyond Requirements: Analysis with an Agile Mindset
By Kent McDonald
Sep 11, 2015
$27.99 (Save 20%)

Articles and Chapters

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Reactive Messaging Patterns with the Actor Model: Message Construction
By Vaughn Vernon
Sep 1, 2015
Video: The Perfectly-Formed Requirement
By James Robertson
Aug 31, 2015
What Software Architects Need to Know About DevOps
By Len Bass, Ingo Weber, Liming Zhu
Aug 25, 2015
Video: Mastering the Requirements Process: The Brown Cow Model
By Suzanne Robertson
Aug 24, 2015
Upgrade Your IT Using Agile IT Organization Design
By Sriram Narayan
Aug 10, 2015