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Practical Software Architecture: Moving from System Context to Deployment
Practical Software Architecture: Moving from System Context to Deployment
By Tilak Mitra
Nov 22, 2015
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HTML5 Video and Tutorials
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Designing the Requirements: Building Applications that the User Wants and Needs
By Chris Britton
Oct 19, 2015
Beyond Requirements: Analysis with an Agile Mindset
By Kent J. McDonald
Sep 11, 2015
Scrumban [R]Evolution, The: Getting the Most Out of Agile, Scrum, and Lean Kanban
By Ajay Reddy
Jul 9, 2015

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How to Use Objects: Code and Concepts
By Holger Gast
Dec 26, 2015
$51.99 (Save 20%)
Scrum Field Guide, The: Agile Advice for Your First Year and Beyond, 2nd Edition
By Mitch Lacey
Dec 28, 2015
$38.39 (Save 20%)
Analysis Techniques for Product Owners (Video Training), Downloadable Version
By Kent J. McDonald
Dec 29, 2015
$239.99 (Save 20%)

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What Is Scrumban and Why Should I Care?
By Ajay Reddy
Sep 9, 2015
Reactive Messaging Patterns with the Actor Model: Message Construction
By Vaughn Vernon
Sep 1, 2015
Video: The Perfectly-Formed Requirement
By James Robertson
Aug 31, 2015
What Software Architects Need to Know About DevOps
By Len Bass, Ingo Weber, Liming Zhu
Aug 25, 2015
Video: Mastering the Requirements Process: The Brown Cow Model
By Suzanne Robertson
Aug 24, 2015