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Clean Architecture: A Craftsman's Guide to Software Structure and Design
By Robert C. Martin
Sep 10, 2017
SAFe 4.0 Distilled: Applying the Scaled Agile Framework for Lean Software and Systems Engineering
By Richard Knaster, Dean Leffingwell
Mar 31, 2017
iOS and macOS Performance Tuning: Cocoa, Cocoa Touch, Objective-C, and Swift
By Marcel Weiher
Feb 23, 2017

Articles and Chapters

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Documentation in Scrum Projects
By Mitch Lacey
Feb 11, 2016
Setting Up a Private Docker Registry
By Christopher Negus
Jan 19, 2016
Software Architecture: The What and Why
By Tilak Mitra
Jan 11, 2016
Video: Docker Orchestration and Microservices: Use Docker Machine to Deploy to a Cloud Provider
By Charles David Crawford
Jan 4, 2016
Video: Docker Orchestration and Microservices: How Docker Can Benefit a Microservice Architecture
By Charles David Crawford
Dec 31, 2015