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Perl by Example, 5th Edition
By Ellie Quigley
Dec 17, 2014
Learning AngularJS
By Brad Dayley
Dec 15, 2014
Responsive Web Design in 24 Hours, Sams Teach Yourself
By Jennifer Kyrnin
Dec 9, 2014

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Effective Python: 59 Specific Ways to Write Better Python
By Brett Slatkin
Mar 6, 2015
$31.99 (Save 20%)
Ruby on Rails Tutorial: Learn Web Development with Rails, 3rd Edition
By Michael Hartl
Apr 10, 2015
$39.99 (Save 20%)

Articles and Chapters

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Child Elements and Keywords in XAML
By Adam Nathan
Jan 20, 2015
Getting Started with AngularJS
By Brad Dayley
Jan 8, 2015
Working with Files in Node.js
By Jesse Smith
Jan 8, 2015
Scalars, Arrays, and Hashes in Perl
By Ellie Quigley
Jan 7, 2015
Working with File Paths in Node.js
By Jesse Smith
Jan 1, 2015