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Network Like You Mean It: The Definitive Handbook for Business and Personal Networking

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Network Like You Mean It: The Definitive Handbook for Business and Personal Networking


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A comprehensive toolkit covering every facet of networking skills development any kind of person — across the spectrum from introvert to extrovert and all in between — would want to know, practice, and utilize.


  • Copyright 2014
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-374290-3
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-374290-9

A thoroughly comprehensive toolkit to help you develop all the networking skills you want to know, practice, and utilize. The art of effective networking is absolutely vital to building solid business relationships and to finding, growing, and keeping your business and enhancing your life.

You will find the answers to important networking questions and topics, with advice on how to achieve your goals within each, such as: How do I start a conversation with someone I find intimidating? How do I ask tough questions tactfully? How do I start and exit a conversation at internal and external business events? How do I “network” with someone I may not like, but who is key in the department or industry? What are some of the topics to avoid? What are examples of great opening lines, icebreakers, and small talk when I’m networking? How do I follow-up? How do I establish and create advocates and referral opportunities? How do I know when I’m networking? Where can I find a systematic approach to networking? How can I keep all of my contacts organized and easy to reach? How can I continue to find, keep, and grow my business all the time? How do I develop my own "self-brand"?

You can read the whole book or pick and choose topics as you need them as a lifelong reference. As Andrea says: "You already have the tools inside you — it’s just a matter of developing a system and sticking to it."

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Network Like You Mean It: Who Do You Know?

Table of Contents


Part 1: Find (Meeting People)
Chapter 1: Who Do You Know?
Chapter 2: Where to Meet People
Chapter 3: Techniques for a Successful Networking Event

Part 2: Grow (Building on Your Strengths)
Chapter 4: Listening and Learning
Chapter 5: What is Your Communication Style?
Chapter 6: Your Best Foot Forward
Chapter 7: Networking Etiquette
Chapter 8: The Introvert’s Networking Advantage: The Quiet Way to Success
Chapter 9: Follow-up: A Road Map for Growth

Part 3: Keep (Maintaining Your Hard Earned Relationships)
Chapter 10: Stay in Touch
Chapter 11: Creating Advocates
Chapter 12: Today, Tomorrow, and Your Future


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