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IBM Alpha Works

Last updated Mar 14, 2003.

IBM has really outdone themselves on their open source contributions with respect to Java media. The following paragraphs outline a handful of their Java open source contributions through their AlphaWorks program that focus on multimedia. Review the aforementioned link for several other great tools.

IBM Personal Presenter: captures live audio, video, and stills, from either a window or from the entire desktop. The content then can then be streamed to remote clients using RTP/RTSP (Real Time Protocol/Real Time Stream Protocol) and recorded to a MPEG-4 file. Because of its architecture, it can receive RTP/RTSP live and video-on-demand streams as well as play MPEG-4 files locally. It currently runs on Windows and Linux.

Enterprise Media Beans: this is a rich media framework based on the JSR86 proposal for J2EE compliant applications. The purpose is to integrate media types into EJB-based applications so that these different media files can be easily served, irrespective of their types. For example, the same mechanism is employed to serve Real Media as to serve Windows media. If you’re implementing a media server, this is a project that you really need to review.

IBM Toolkit for MPEG-4: a set of Java classes and APIs with five sample applications, including three cross-platform playback applications and two tools for generating MPEG-4 content for use with MPEG-4-compliant devices. The boast the following support in their M4Play application:

  • MP4: ISMA-compliant
  • MP4: including MPEG-4 Systems
  • AVI: MPEG-4 Simple Profile video (such as Divx, Xvid) with MP3 audio
  • MPEG-4 Simple Profile video (.cmp, .m4v, .263)
  • AAC Low-Complexity Profile audio (.aac, .adif, .adts)
  • MP3 MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 Layer 3 audio (.mp3)

MPEG-4 Video for JMF: A plug-in that enables decoding of MPEG-4 video in Java and that can be used on any JMF-enabled platform. Note that the MPEG-4 codec is 100% pure Java and has undergone substantial optimizations to ensure performance.