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John  Traenkenschuh

Hide N Seek: A Game I Do Not Want To Play

By John TraenkenschuhOct 10, 2015

New Mac OS X Means New Tricks...

Jamie Shoup

Three New Author Webinars Announced for October

By Jamie ShoupOct 3, 2013

The Cisco Press Author Webinar Series continues on the Cisco Learning Network, as three sets of authors embark on featured learning events during the month of October.

Mark your calendar and make sure to attend the below events, as Cisco Press will have special offers for those in attendance!  Five review copies of the author's recent products will also be given away during the events. Each even will be archived as well for future viewing.

Jamie Shoup

10 Rookie Mistakes Network Admins Make

By Jamie ShoupAug 19, 2013

Being new on the job is tough enough without adding mistakes – be sure to check your work and don’t do any of these 10 Rookie mistakes!

Rachel Bayless

InformIT's 17 Days of Giveaways

By Rachel BaylessJul 3, 2012

Get ready for a month full of giveaways. From July 9 through the end of the month, InformIT will be having 17 days of giveaways. Each week has a theme to make sure that there’s something YOU will be excited to win!

Jamie Shoup

@CiscoPress Twitter Account Reaches 10,000 Followers

By Jamie ShoupOct 14, 2010

To show our appreciation – we’ll help you gain more followers too!

Follow http://twitter.com/Ciscopress and then share your account below for even more exposure!

Jamie Shoup

Network World Subnet Communities Offer Pearson Author Insights & Giveaways

By Jamie ShoupAug 9, 2010

Every month Pearson imprint brands partner with Network World to offer up expert authors as featured bloggers for their community subnet sites. Focused on Cisco, Microsoft and Open Source, each community offers a variety of hot discussions, exclusive sample chapters and giveaways to their readers.

Shon Harris

Changes to the CISSP Exam

By Shon HarrisMar 24, 2009

The CISSP exam is getting better about mapping to the needs of the industry and keeping up with where the changes are taking place in technology, methodologies, and practical security models. The exam has had a reputation of being out of date and covering things that we have not done in our industry since caveman days. I have been a critic about the exam pertaining to this issue, but I must admit that the exam is changing more quickly. This allows people who are studying for the exam to study topics and concepts that they will run into in their careers and are required to be understood.

Timothy Warner

On the New Cisco CCNA Concentrations

By Timothy L. WarnerJun 24, 2008

This is hot off the proverbial presses: in keeping with recent industry trends among IT certification vendors to offer specializations for their mainline credentials, Cisco announced three new concentrations to extend their extremely popular (and respected) CCNA certification.

Timothy Warner

HOWTO: Gain Hands-on Experience for Your CCNA

By Timothy L. WarnerApr 23, 2008

The bottom line is that in order to succeed on your Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) exam, you need to have some practical experience with Cisco hardware under your belt. However, this truth presents a "chicken and egg" situation for many candidates; that is, you typically need an industry job to gain hands-on experience with Cisco routers and switches, but you need the CCNA to get the job in the first place! Read on, friends...

Timothy Warner

The Evolution of Braindumps

By Timothy L. WarnerApr 11, 2008

Well, I suppose that of late I have been predisposed toward discussing IT certification exam security. What inspired this topic, I think, is the staggering number of students who ask me in all innocence, "Should I use braindumps to study for my tests?"

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