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what you are missing...

People often ask me why I research the least determined and most emergent, most innovative of technologies.  That's how I roll--beat the best by showing the path to the technologies most applicable to businesses in a wild scramble to derive benefit from IT mashups...  Keep up, if you can...

Centralized remote access, something portable to the SD chip on one's mobile phone--what's Traenk got in his bag o' Tricks?

Moka5.  Been there, done it as of '05.  Plug it into an Internet PC and lock n' load.  Next question, P-L-E-A-S-E???

I get this, a lot.  Some massive Internet-driven change has swung into town; and now business wants to know how to weld IT raw technology into a business sword that appeals to younger customers, many of whom ain't havin' some downloadable, fat-client app that rides on your lame, 80's style modem or other out-in-the-Smithsonian approach to IT savvy.

Why?  Why should you care about ThinApp???  It abstracts your Windows Registry and your vulnerab--, er, vital app libs into a single unalterable package, one you can secure.  It _streams_ executable content on an as needed, AS AUTHORIZED, basis.  Get into a tiff with some remote supplier recently?  Deny them access to the app and watch 'em scramble to try some access to your safe and secure datastores, the ones that never left your servers.  It's how YOU roll, in TOTAL control of the execution AND the access...

Google and Blackberry both have conceded to allowing a country's review of ?their? data, much of which MIGHT be your organization's.  It's time to up the game, to control not just the data access, but to control


that doorways the data access.

And that's why Thinapp is something YOU should be studying. 

Nope, again, I get nothing, don't want a thing, from VMWare for any kind of review of their products.  Keep reading, if you, too, are looking for an edge in today's Internet-competitive (and Internet-p0wned) business environment.


P.S. Hey, let's keep this real...  These blogs represent nothing more, nothing less, than the opinions and findings of ME, not my employer. 

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