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So many automobile hacks, and still, the manufacturers DON'T GET IT!

I don't have a wireless keypad, used to open my nice truck.  In fact, I want the ability to unlock my truck with the keypad, one that doesn't exist, DiSaBlEd.

That's not possible, the dealership assures me.

I'm reminded of past Windows server versions that came with practically EVERY service enabled and listening.  And now, these automobiles come with similar security shortcomings and are being linked to the Internet.

Once you buy a Toyota, you'll never stop.

This quip spread as sick humor when the Toyota braking story (or lack thereof) came out.  Toyota spent many years building a reputation for quality engineering and safety.  All that work seemed lost when the safety problem issues were publicized.

Automobile companies need to catch up on modern computing security practices BEFORE enabling the features.  The Toyota story shows us that these companies don't have time to learn from any mistakes, not in a product liability aware time like ours.

Do some research.  It's a rough Internet they're exposing their computers to.


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