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Having performed a barely passable job of securing consumer grade data, many vendors now announce themselves as 'Cloud Vendors'. Prepare to be underwhelmed...

Not sure what the linkage is, but many vendors whose guardianship of your consumer data has been poor, now sense a 'stirring in the waters'.  They know there is a new market for barely adequate services.

Wow!  They're all professional now!  They're 'Cloud Vendors'!  Just what does that mean?  It makes as much sense as John Lennon, Requiescat in pace, informing us that he is the Eggman; he is the Walrus...

I am the Cloud, I am the Cloud Vendor! 

Today, my vendor for consumer-grade services sent me a note, an apologetic note, regarding my note sent Sept 23, 2010.  No, they have no answers.  In fact they're flooded with similar security issues as mine.  But wow, they sure are sorry...

And this is the issue with many Cloud Vendors.  They have no experience shielding business-grade data and with responding to business-grade security issues. 

Hey, We Don't Charge Much!  This seems their anthem for service.  Hey, whadda ya expect with low-cost or free email services?  Actual service?

For now, understand that most Internet email systems are trivially easy to slice and dice security-wise.  You've made it all the more so by posting all the information needed to answer your own challenge questions, right? 

Many can get an email account in the name of any friend you trust, but calling a hawk a chicken is no guarantee of free eggs.

Before you commit your organization's data to any cloud vendor, help others see past the price to signs of a mature, credentialed security group guarding your organization's future.


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