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Year End Ideas

It's that time of year for bold proclamations and year-end housekeeping

My wishes for those readers whose holiday time holds no layoff  considerations.  These are tough times worldwide...

As before, I'll be jotting down the security predictions for  2009.  Expect me to lay out those ideas over the next few weeks.  If you like, leave urls for articles you think do a great job anticipating the security needs we'll all see in 2009.

My personal 2009 security resolution:  More people, less technology.  I'm firmly convinced that the real issue is not the number of patches you must apply; rather, it is the 'silence' filters you hope to apply at the local watering hole.  It's time to quite applying technical strategies and work more with people strategies.

But more on this in the days to come...  Until then, let's start up a real conversation.  Leave some ideas below as a response. 

And for those of you who celebrate this holiday time and end of the year:  My Best and Personal Wishes that you find the relaxation you need to create an even better '09.


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