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Specials, specials, specials!  

I don't get anything for writing these blogs or articles.  I am, however, treated to a righteous set of discounts during most holidays as a member of the website--same as you potentially...

I hadn't gotten my Informit, Que, Cisco Press, etc. newsletters that announce the holiday deals, so I hit all the sites to re-enroll my email address.  This morning, a holiday in the US, I got news of some impressive deals--even with the eBooks.  Whether it's the ability to make the font whatever size old eyes need or my need to keep my reference materials on a CD (versus a bookshelf); eBooks are the way for me to go.

Unsure what .Net programming tricks my co workers need me to teach (yesterday's blog), but, hey, big discounts give me big ideas.  C# and win runtimes, chain exploits, and all that stuff is available.

If you, the reader, are an IT professional, I urge you to take control of your career.  You will be told that training dollars are far and few.  Find your favorite publisher's website and sign up for newsletters.  Be very alert for deals and discounts.  List the topics YOU want to learn and master.  Dig in and do.  When the deals come, treat yourself to some learning content.  Is there a better way?

I'm giving Safari a long look.  Music is transitioning from downloads to real-time streaming (per last week's Bloomberg story:  http://www.bloomberg.com/news/videos/2015-05-22/broadening-the-appeal-of-music-streaming.)  In this world of omnipresent Internet, I think Safari has the best high tech IT content.  Of all the online bookshelves I review, Safari has the most up-to-date titles.  It's built for IT--not an online venue for the "Twilight" novels that decides to offer IT stuff from 1995...

And as I review free Kindle downloads of casual reading books for $9.99/month, I'm curious whether Safari might be tax deductible, because it is so uniquely purposed; although only a trained, credentialed tax advisor can make that determination.

There you have it.  Grow your IT career.  Carpe eBook-em!


P.S.  I'm not associated with Bloomberg nor with Amazon in any way, other than being a happy consumer.

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