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Windows Security Improvements

Traenk is still upset by his recent dive into Windows security.  So much more was promised when the merger of Windows 9x and NT lines was announced, so long ago.

I honestly expected better.

Long ago, Microsoft announced that it would merge the then NT and Windows 9x lines of products.  Wow!  That means a file access control system, logging, different accounts and filespaces for accounts!  Finally!  We would have a secure version of Windows for our homes!

And we do have the potential.  If you opt for the home versions of Windows, the ones most likely sold with a new PC, your version lacks the security configurability easily possible with Linux and Mac OS X both.

Huh?  I don't need to audit logins?  I don't need a security policy editor?  These tools exist in other versions; why must home users go without?  I ask that Microsoft allow all Windows users access to common security tools.

As a second request, why are those administrative shares enabled by default?  If the rationale behind no security tools is something about home users never ever needing them, never being joined to a domain; then explain why administrative shares are enabled by default in ALL versions of Windows?  These home version boxes are unlikely to be joined to a domain, yet administrative access is provided by default.  Alongside remote access I might add.  Why?

I request, mildly and meekly suggest, that Windows implement an interface that lets me select abilities, and selectively disable them.  The growing number of services, on by default, is bewildering.  It also only contributes to the lie that Windows is a slow operating system.  If I don't have an X-Box 360 through which I'll stream media, let me deselect that functionality--don't force me to pick-and-guess among poorly documented services.

I've enjoyed Windows since the first copy of Windows/386 I saw way back.  I've marveled how the Operating System has allowed computer novices to join their families online on the Internet.  It truly is the computer 'for the rest of us'.

But now, security attacks are only getting fiercer.  People use their computers for banking and finances.  People need and are able to use security tools.  People need an easy way to be more selective about those services Microsoft turns on by default.

Let me know what you think.  Respond below.


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