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What a product introduction...

I've been present for Windows introductions going back to the then brand-new Windows 3.0.  Each new release of Windows offered so many surprises and a lot of excitement.

There's something wildly different about this rollout of Windows 8.  I review a lot of articles.  Too many seem indifferent to the rollout.  Others seem to offer stories of the interface making common operations taking an uncommon amount of time to complete.

And very seldom am I reading about the wildly cool innovations and new features of the Operating System. 

My biggest concern?  Few of my geeky friends have installed the preview.

I'm eager to hear what people's actual experiences are with Windows 8 and the Metro, now called something else, interface.  Maybe someone will get some 'stir' going by discussing those incremental security improvements each version of Windows brings to the table.

Most importantly, I'd like to hear some honest excitement going on around me.

(Yes, I intend to upgrade my primary Windows system to version 8.  I liked Vista.) 

Record below what you've heard about Windows 8, your impressions of the rollout and the marketing done, and what you think of Windows in general.  I'm rooting for Windows, Microsoft, and for Windows 8.  I just hope we're not watching another ME rollout.


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