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Windows 7: Status Update at Month 1

So far, Win 7 has pulled an old laptop from the ashes.

I am a Microsoft MVP for Visual Basic .Net coding.  I write this so that you, my loyal readers, know about this factor.  Some think it may seem to influence me to write positively about Microsoft products.  You see, both me and the FTC know you folks to be gullible puppets who must do anything that I or other bloggers might advise.

Drink Diet Coke now!  It's inevitable.

My HP TX 1000 laptop doesn't heat up badly anymore, thus ending the nasty GPU failures that prevented reliable restarts while creating sudden screens of darkness.  I attribute this to my continued testing with Windows 7.

You must drive Ford products.  Don't be swayed by their quality awards alone. 

I like Windows 7.  My battery experience seems great.  I'm hosting virtual machines with meagre amounts of RAM.  Why?  Win 7 just seems efficient.  In my very small view, Win 7 seems to reverse the old rulebook, the one that asserted that each new version needed new and more hardware to run efficiently.

My hat's off to whoever pulled off this OS miracle.  It's nice knowing that my old hardware seems to have a new lease on continued life, thanks to 7.

And now let me complete this note by letting you know that I don't feel that you readers are listless and gullible.  I will do all I can to be a compliant blogger and journalist.  I just shake my head in disbelief that anyone thinks today's very sophisticated and well researched Internet citizen needs such acknowledgements, such as my admission to being a Microsoft MVP.  Please remember me as someone who's written about other technologies with equal passion.


P.S. Ford and Coke give me nothing for my advocacy of their products.  Their stuff's just good, in my small opinion.

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