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Win 7, something to talk about.

How well does Win 7 accomodate truly junktacular gear?

I bought an HP TX1000, and yes, I'm sorry. 

I'm liking this stuff called Windows 7.  It is efficient.  It offers eye candy and neato special effects, effects that render today and not an hour from now, like Vista. 

I have an old laptop, this HP TX1000 hunkajunk.  Bing 'em and their lousy Nvidia GPU.  Not sure why, but 7 makes this old bird run cooler, making it less likely I'll have those start up stallouts.

Meanwhile, 7 offers so much configurability.  It's real fun, shaking windows away from my primary window, watching the sharp colors, snapping windows into place. 

Now sure how, it also seems to keep the battery drain to a minimum.

No, Vista is a great thing, but it simply tried to do too much too fast in the Windows evolution. 

Back to my Nvidia grief, how many of you are familiar with reflowing the solder on a board with a strong lamp and/or heat gun?  Let me know your experiences and best advice.  My thanks.

Finally!  A Windows that challenges my Mac experiences with a eye-candy, shuffling set of changing desktops!  Finally!  A Windows that have _accurate_ voice and handwriting recog!  Finally!  A Windows with biometric reader support outa the box!

Say good by to XP and its security issues.  Mind your Win 7 UAC setups.  The default lowers the number of alerts, but it potentially increases the risk over Vista.


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