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Traenk updates us on his Linked-In Research

Today is Mighty Pollen day, the worst kind [for me]:  Ragweed.  Better than over- or under-counter drugs of any kind, I find Cafe Bustelo the antidote for hay fever.  No, I am no doctor and get no rewards of any kind for mere mention of Miami's fav' coffee.

Today is also a time to check on my Linked-In account.  As you know (from my blogs, which you read as eagerly as I sip morning espresso), I created a very detailed LinkedIn profile a few years ago.  Whammo!  In the middle of the national downturn, some putz called my company phone number (not listed in my profile) and left a message to coordinate an interview during the holiday.

I like my company.  I like my job.  I don't need this grief.

I shuttered my account for some two years...

The other day, I deactivated my Facebook account to research security .  I reopened my LinkedIn account, which sprang open quite easily.  Yecch!  That was creepy!

I'm happy to report that all my old data, my old connections, my old everything was gone.  I find this good news.  It indicates that Internet II sites just may be destroying an enrollee's data after the agreement is terminated by the enrollee.

But if so, how is it that some guy sent me an invite only a few months ago?  How did another old invite survive for more than a year?

As I final note, as Johnny Cash sang, "I've been everywhere, man."  After reopening my account, I saw a group, one tied to a past employer.  I joined it to get a feel for what it does.  Not much, actually.  Performing some searches today, I recently found several group members were actually working for a competitor.

There is no anonymity on the Internet.  There's always someone watching. 

In this case, I identified someone watching the watchers, making the show all the more interesting.  I've dropped the group.  I watch enough security doin's in my day job.

In the future, I'll keep you all updated on whatever I find in the Internet II space.  The world is as small as a penny, with cultures rubbing shoulders with all the familiarity of groundlings at William Shakespeare's old theater.  What was the name of that old theater???  Oh yes,

The Globe.

More espresso now, more news later. 


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