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How do you evaluate the many new mobile device choices?

Three months short of the time for a phone upgrade, I upgraded my phone.

The old one was okay.  A new battery seemed to help somewhat, but overall, once I got a field firmware flash, the battery seemed to just drain. I also found my settings changed, something hinted as possible within the Snowden revelations.

Another Android or maybe an iPhone?  My daughter has had both, suffering through the quirks of each. Her new iPhone 5 had a few hardware glitches that required total replacement. Once she got working hardware though, she finds iOS far more stable than her old Android offerings. Those often heated up with all kinds of stray processes lighting off. Never could explain why downloading and installing so much software was a bad thing.

She is happy now though and finds little reason to upgrade from her 5c. 

I looked over the iPhone line. No external storage allowed? No ability to expand storage for new music or podcasts? No ability to replace the battery? And how much for the screen size I've had for years with my Samsung Galaxy? 

I decided to research obscure stuff. How many books are out there, a visible sign of platform excitement? Can I reuse my current chargers and the like? 

I decided on the new Galaxy. It's got a lot of screen, many books on Android application coding, and seems to use all the peripherals I've used for years. We'll see how the latest Android OS does.

What are your considerations as you review all the phone options out there?  To what degree do your mobile phone criteria span your tablet choices and vice versa? I like my Kindle, like my streaming media player from Amazon, etc. But their phone carrier has no service in my part of rural Illinois, making my tablet preferences no good for my phone decision making.

Even with discounts, my smartphone seems to have a high cost to value ratio. Will we wake up one day and find tablets and phones were only a fad? Let me know what you think below.


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