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What's your life's details worth to you?

By  Jan 1, 2011

Topics: Network Security, Security

Traenk struggles through musing on his information and its worth.

I like to do things, small things, for my wife.  I woke up early and filled the dishwasher so that the kitchen would be cleaner and more organized.  I also baked a cherry pie. 

What's that worth?  What's it worth to someone, to find out that I like to do a few things to contribute a bit? 

I'm working through so many ideas on facebook security.

I keep very rigorous limitations on my profile.  Should I?  Should you be concerned about your location information being availble to some 500,000,000 people?

These sort of questions are what make the Internet so very fascinating.  We've had public repositories of information for centuries, but they've never spanned so many locations nor have they been so viewable at once. 

Never before has human opinion been so measured, trackable, and as some allege, so malleable.

Let me know what you think below.  On the one hand, Facebook warns me that the profile information that I download is 'sensitive' and must be protected.  Yet, on the other hand, recommended settings seem to open a lot of information to Everyone.  How to reconcile the disparity!


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