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It's a question, a simple question, a question that deserves a simple answer, yet still I wait...

I have an account at a web site.  One day I'm out there, at the sight.  Huh?  What gives?  There are these updates, odd updates, posted by me???

So I do the expected.  Change the password.  I even send a note to the site security staff.  What else should I do?

I wait.  And Wait.  This alert was not sent by email, oh no, but but some form at the site.  I sent in ANOTHER alert, explaining my situation, asking the simple question:

Can you show me the IP addresses/hostnames that used my account in the last few weeks?

Impossible you say?  Unreasonable you add?  My friends at Facebook provide a list of systems with active links. 

I did get a response, a form response advising me to change my password.  It had other scripted response, so scripted I felt trapped in a helpdesk nightmare.

Have you rebooted?

Do your children use your PC?

I'll let you know what I find out.  I think many sites will be compelled to keep track of all those connections we might make by PC, by mobile phone, by Internet cafe box, etc.  They will also need to track when some odd pc logs in, maybe offer me the chance to kill that session.

Or just send out the same form letter and hope that is enough to keep your users captive.  What do you think?  Respond below.


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