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What's Google know about you that you don't?

Researching via a good search engine can be like opening a new Johari Window...

Informit.com has some of the best inform-ation on googledorks you can find anywhere. Search on this term, if you want. Those of you who know about googledorks may think this article is about goggledorks--it isn't.

I've been researching consumer electronics & applications likely to be adopted by business.  One app you can read about later has interesting protections against search engines and web crawlers. I initially thought these protections were unnecessary--was I wrong!!

Instead, too many websites are wide open to search engines.  Too many assume traversal attacks won't happen.

If you are a security our web hosting professional with any responsibility for security, start your next review by seeing what Bing or Google say about the site's access control.
My searches seem to show too much information shared too easily.

P.S.  I tried to input this via my Android, something I could always do with an Ancient Pocket PC, the one whose calculator is laid out with roman numerals...  Not an option.  I'm wondering if smartphones are over-hyped & over-priced toys for people whose IT work is limited to tweets and pokes.  What do you think?

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