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What would it take to sell you this Surface Pro 3 today?

Traenk wonders, what would it take to get someone to buy a Surface Pro 3?

I lost my iPad years ago.  My wife picked it up.  It's hers.

She has complaints, such as how to move pictures from her phone to the iPad, for posting on FaceBook.  When postings are brief, the online keyboard is enough, but that's frustrating after a while.

Is there value in that new Surface Pro 3? 

I think so.  What abilities would make me want one?  I want something that can run Visual Studio.  As soon as people sang tablet praises but ignored the need to tether these like lowly phones, I felt that the tablet is little more than a big-screen phone.

But let me avoid insulting anyone:  tablets are a ok when the needs are simple.  And that's the Surface Pro 3 value:  something for simple needs yet powerful enough for laptop needs.

Twenty years later and every laptop bag weighs the same.  Power blocks, extra battery, other stuff and you're lugging an anvil through the airport.  Conceivably, I can develop on the Surface Pro 3, possibly using a combination of locally installed and online Visual Studio.  I have something more than a greasy blunt finger for drawings; I have a stylus.  And if Surface Pro 3 is truly what I'm looking for...

I can develop those sweet apps that are stylus ready.  In other words, I can create checkbox apps that use a stylus for smart, quick input.  The same code can run on multiple Windows platforms.  Score.

I dunno.  Windows 8 was such a letdown.  8.1 is vastly improved but still seems a clunk at times.  If I want to see a long, long list of program icons, I'll install Windows 3.1.  Maybe, though, there's a market for a more extensive taskbar-and-start-button application for 8.1?

I'm still stuck contemplating what the Surface Pro 3 needs.  It seems to have answered several complaints.  It has a viable input device selection; it can play games nicely; it runs those valuable Office apps; and it can be a development cornerstone.  I don't know.  What do you think?


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