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Traenk has done it again...

There it was:  staring at me.  An email from Microsoft.  Something as enticing as that gingerbread house was to the other Hansel...  Windows 8, and ALL its eye-candy--at a very low, low, low price.  And we're not talking about stripped out car under the Brooklyn Bridge Windows, oh no, this would be the Pro version.  The one with security features.  Like auditing.  And file encryption.

So I bought it. 

Not sure what I'll do with a non-Touch enabled PC; but hey, that'll make the eval relevant to any organizational plans to upgrade to 8.  And hey, the Surface looks ok.  Maybe all those 8 features will suggest a Surface purchase.  Think either will integrate with my Zune???  <grin>  (Am I little more than a Tool???)

I've made a lot of money by studying so many IT architectures and technologies.  Windows and a new upgrade is too big an event to ignore.  And the new pricing plain seems irresistible.

I did upgrade my MacBook Pro to Mountain Lion.  It, too, was inexpensive.  It, too, provides features I'm unlikely to use (or can find as free utilities somewhere).  Do I regret that decision?

Not at all.  IT professionals must stay current. 

In the next few weeks, I'll blog about my experiences with both Mountain Lion and Windows 8.  Until then, jot down a note below if the mood hits you.  If you, too, want to check Windows 8 out, the download is around 40 bucks and the media version is around 70 bucks at the store.

As someone who _liked_ Vista and willingly tolerated the slow speed of core operations, it may not take much to impress me.  Window 8--Bringggggg IT!


P.S. I have no relationship with Apple or Microsoft that predisposes me to like their tools and technology.  I get no evals outside of normal online channels.  I also run Linux and think both Mint and Puppy are great ways to foster linux love in others.  You may have objections to my blogs, but all are given with high objectivity. 

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