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VB .Net Free Learning Tools

I'm rumbling, fumbling, and grumbling as I prepare for this fall's VB .Net class.  I put a lot of energy and creativity into it.  I'm excited to be partnering with these young adults again.

I'm not jaded yet.  I still like the engagement with the students.  I still wildly like this language and the possibilities it brings.  And so, I bring to each class trinkets, toys and goodies to enliven the experience.  Today's students are multimedia starved.  They attended TV school with the big yellow bird.  One static textbook is a great start.  But they want more.

Maybe you do too.  Here are some of my fav' freebies:

http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=6bb41456-9378-4746-b502-b4c5f7182203&DisplayLang=en Keyboard shortcut poster.   Of course, you could print it out.  I like a copy to bounce to with my Aero keystrokes.  Yup, a copy is on the Pocket PC as well.  Maybe it's nerdy, but knowing these keystrokes cuts time.

http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/vbasic/bb466226.aspx Sweet, delicious How-To Videos you can load to your Zune, Pocket PC, PSP, etc.  I'm thinking it's time to spring some ADO .Net on my beginners class.  These videos make that decision easier.  Last semester, the students learned menus by video...  Why not enable them to create a CD tracker based on SQL Express instead of text files?

https://connect.microsoft.com/Downloads/Downloads.aspx?SiteID=40  Register your free copy of VB .Net Express.  You will be routed to this page.  Look at the cool try me's and add-ons.  Scroll down the page.  See that cool, free book?  It's well written.  It's understandable, despite covering some complex projects.  It's encouraging.  And it's free.  What a way to learn VB.

I hope you'll consider reviewing these.  Consider recommending them.  I'm also downloading 101 code samples.  How doesn't love code samples?


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