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The security big picture

By  Oct 22, 2010

Topics: Network Security, Security

Security research organizations are posting fascinating security reports that put together all the loose pieces to the puzzle.

http://dvlabs.tippingpoint.com/toprisks2010 and


You've probably read past ISS threat reports.  ISS has a great history of great security work, products, and analysis.  New (to me, at least) is the dvlabs report.

There is a short ISS report and a nicer one that is more than 100 pages of true funtastic information. 

As I work through all documents, I'd like to use this forum as a way to partner with you on today's Security environment and most relevant risks.  I hope to work with you on concepts like sandboxes, blacknets, and botnets.

It should be a fun time.  As you wait, consider reviewing my past blogs, especially those on 'disposable' client system images.  Also review my friend Thierry Wohnlich's old article on building the human firewall.  In all this talk of technical weaknesses, we'll need to remember that there is no patching available for 'gullibull'.  Don't like my spelling?  Look it up in a dictionary.  In fact, follow this link, yes, follow my link--you cannot resist http://www .gullibull.cam .


P.S. Don't take candy or click on links from strangers. More on this later.

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