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When I lost my job at the end of November, I knew that it couldn’t have come at a worse time.  There were those that told me that there would be few opportunities through the end of the year, and as hard as I worked to try to prove them wrong, they weren’t.

Times were tough at the end of the year. Companies were trying to make their year-end numbers and trying to close out projects, not bring on new talent. Despite the discouragement, I can honestly say that I networked hard during December, and that seems to be paying off in the new year.  My phone has been ringing again!  I’m learning about half a dozen or more opportunities a week, on average.

Within just the last 2 weeks I’ve learned about 22 new opportunities!  That’s a lot to keep after!  If you’ve been following along in my blog you know that I keep a Job Leads Log.  That’s how I know exactly how many positions I’m working on at any given time.  I’m at various stages with these leads.  Some I’ve talked to already and it wasn’t a fit and they are crossed off my list.  My best ones, where I’m talking to someone AT the company, I’ve highlighted in yellow, and I’ve got notes and dates/times where we’ve spoken.

My take on the turn of events this year is that companies have new budgets for a new year.  They are starting new projects and they need help.  This is where I come in, to provide the leadership, support and guidance that a company requires to run their new projects.  I hope, too, it means that the economy is recovering and confidence is rising to add-on to the workforce.  Are you finding this to be true or not in your area?

It was certainly a depressing holiday season while being unemployed.  We curtailed our spending to a few gifts for the kids, and my wife and I did without.  My game plan at the end of November was to line up a job for January and enjoy the holidays with my family.  At worst I hoped to be reemployed by the end of January, after two months of searching.  I’m into my third month here at the start of February, and I’m motivated to find a great spot with a great employer this month. 

One thing I haven’t done through my blogs is actually ask for a job.  Hello friends!  I need a job.  Can you help me?  I want to stay in metro Indianapolis and I’m seeking an IT Management job either in Operations or Project Management.  I can be reached at my email address below.  Thank you so much!

Your comments at the bottom of the page are always welcome.  You can also write to me at my email address below and I’ll get back to you.  Best of luck to you on your search!

Thank you!

The Laid Off IT Guy!

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