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The Laid Off IT Guy! Meet the Teacher Night

It is almost that time again, back to school.  A couple of days ago we got the chance to grab an ice cream bar and meet our kids' teachers for the coming school year.  Fortunately, our kids like school and they are looking forward to getting back to see their friends, too.

For my wife and me it was not only a chance to meet our kids' teachers but to also visit with the parents of our kids' friends that we haven’t seen since the end of school.  I ran in to a couple of dads that I wanted to get an opportunity to network with.  So, I gave them a business card.  Told them that I was looking for a new venture and that I’d like to discuss it with them further.  I’m doing so now, and I find, time and time again, that people want to help.

It’s hard to say “no” to someone in need.  I’m not asking for handouts, so the friends we meet are always open to passing on my resume to someone that they think can help.  You can always make any situation a networking opportunity by just asking if you can call someone to get their advice or opinion on anything.  I try to turn small talk into an exchange of information that will further stretch my networking boundaries.  I hope that you will recognize these situations to do the same.

Best of luck on your search!  Your comments below are always appreciated.

Thank you!

The Laid Off IT Guy!

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