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The Laid Off IT Guy! Making the Perfect Pizza

What does this issue have to do with finding my next job?  Well, nothing, unless I decide to open up a pizzeria!  The thought has occurred to me, actually.  At times I’d love to go into business for myself.  But for now, I’ve been obsessed with making the best pizza at home.  It’s at the point where my kids have said, “Not pizza for dinner again”!  What kid doesn’t love pizza every day?  I think mine are getting close.

Talk about an inexpensive meal.  3 cups of flour, some salt, oil, water and yeast and you’ve got all that you need to make a tasty pizza crust.  Add some sauce, a few toppings and some cheese and you can feed a family of 4 for less than $4, and you might still have a couple of slices left over.

I'm unemployed, as you know, so cutting expenses is a priority.  No going out for $20 pizzas + breadsticks, cheese dip, soft drinks, etc. and walking out of the restaurant for $40 with tax and tip.  I normally have some dough left over from my pizza crust to make a few breadsticks, as well, so $4 for a meal is super cheap, and I’m learning to make a pizza that's good enough to rival the competition.

I’ve been experimenting with several different crust styles.  I’ve got one I call the “Big Daddy Deep Dish,” a typical hand tossed dough with a super thin and crispy crust.  Surprisingly, all of my concoctions have turned out terrific.  Changing the dough thickness and toppings lead to endless combinations.  I’ve been doing traditional sausage and/or pepperoni varieties, but I’m ready to take on BBQ chicken and Mexican Taco pizzas.  I plan to make some veggie only and cheese only pizzas in the future, as well as some dessert pizzas.  The trick with making the dough is to prepare in advance and let it rise (proof as they say in the biz).  Don’t just make a quick dough and throw it in the oven.  The best crusts I’ve made I’ve done several hours in advance.

No matter what you and your family are doing to cut back expenses while being unemployed, trimming your eating out expenses can make a big difference in your monthly budget.  Give homemade pizza a try.  My kids love helping me punch the dough while kneading it.  Have fun and bon appétit!

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The Laid Off IT Guy!