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The Laid Off IT Guy! How to Prepare for the Interview

To be honest with you I hadn’t had much experience in life with interviewing.  I had worked for a company during college that led to having a job lined up after graduation.  I got the next job that I wanted after interviewing with one company.  I only interviewed with three companies to find my third employer, and I was there for most of my career.  Now things are different.  I’m looking for a new opportunity, I’ve learned interview skills and have been honing the process.  I think that I interview very well now.  I just haven’t found the right match yet.

Your resume got you an invitation to talk to the company.  Now, the interview is your chance to sell yourself to win the job.  You DO have to be a sales person, but you also have to “turn the tables” on the hiring manager. 

Instead of making the same mistake that most candidates do, which is a self-absorbed statement like, “I can do this” and “I can do that” or “I’ve done this” and “I’ve done that,” you’ve got to start off interviewing the employer.  You MUST ask this very early in the conversation:  “What are the key areas that you need the person in this role to focus on?” or “What are the top things that you expect out of this position?” Here is the key point: focus all of your answers on how your experiences can solve the problems that the interviewer has told you about.   If you can ask these questions of the person setting up the interview for you and then research and rehearse answers to what you hear, you will knock the interview out of the park!

The interviewer doesn’t want to know what you did to help your previous employer.  What they really want to know is what you can do for them.  Direct all of your qualifying statements to them as it pertains to helping the employer and for making your future boss look good.  I’d further suggest that you could ask another helpful question like, “What makes you a star with your boss and how can I help you attain that?”  You are stroking their ego a bit by using that question, but if you think it could work towards your favor, using a question like that will set you apart from the other candidates and help them remember you, where you have a much better chance of being hired.

Let me hear from you!  Drop me a line to let me know what you are up to, and thanks for being a loyal “The Laid Off IT Guy” reader!

Thank you!

The Laid Off IT Guy!

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