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The Laid Off IT Guy! How I Handle Stress

On the heels of my post earlier this week, entitled, “What Keeps Me Up At Night?” in which I talked about how worry over job loss can lead to health problems, including stress, I’d like to share with you one of the ways that I’m dealing with stress.

Not unlike a lot of Americans, I am overweight.  At my annual physical each year my doctor measures my body fat and shows me a chart about how much a man my height should weigh. My reaction is usually, “Right!  I haven’t weighed that since high school!”  Still, my doctor was persistent last year and recommended that I do the opposite of what most people in my situation do in an extended job loss.  He said that most unemployed people gain weight due to eating more because of stress, having too much time in the house with food around, boredom, etc.  His advice was to use my sabbatical to improve my health!

So, I did.  My wife and I joined a gym, and we actually go!  Having a buddy to train with is essential, I think, in sticking to a regimen.  There is certainly something positive to be said about being accountable to another person going through a workout together.  Now that we’ve been going for a few months people that don’t see us very often are noticing a difference in our appearance and asking about it.  Next, people who see us more frequently will, hopefully, notice, too.

I’ve got some big boy pants that I can’t wear anymore.  Getting to buy some new smaller clothes is nice.  I’m keeping the shopping conservative, of course.  I don’t have much money to replace my wardrobe at this point.  I’ve punched 2 more holes in my belts to make most of my pants last a lot longer.

I had a six month checkup with my doctor a couple of months ago  and he said that I weigh the least now than at any recorded measurement he’s taken of me since being my doctor for the past six years!  That sure made me feel great.  I look forward to impressing him again come summer at my next annual physical.  I’m aiming for that timeframe as a milestone.  Let’s hope I can get there and stay there!

I wish you encouragement to use your time off work to improve your weight, not only for your appearance, but more importantly for your health!

Let me hear from you!  Drop me a line to let me know what you are up to, and thanks for being a loyal “The Laid Off IT Guy” reader!

Thank you!

The Laid Off IT Guy!

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