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The Laid Off IT Guy! Honey Do List

With all of the free time you have on your hands while searching for your next job, you might as well make time to catch up on your Honey Do list.  You know....the list of handyman projects that you promised your spouse you’d do months or even years ago.  Break up your day of searching non-stop with some additional activities to keep you stimulated and energized.

I’ll give you a recent example.  I purchased a new door for the screened-in patio on the back of our house LAST FALL.  I just never got around to installing it.  So, a couple of weeks ago I finally got around to it. You know how starting one project can lead to another?  Well, once I started working on the door I found that I needed to re-screen part of the patio.  Also, while I was at it, some of the caulk seams were cracking. Time to replace the caulk.  Well then we noticed that a fresh coat of paint wouldn’t hurt either, so I painted the entire porch, too. 

I certainly got more than I asked for out of the project, but you know what?  It looks pretty spectacular now, if I do say so myself!  We spend a lot of time on that patio, including most meals during the warmer months, and it is a project that I’m sure proud of.

Now I’ll have to check with the Mrs. to see what else needs done.  No need to pay someone for what you can do for yourself, right?

Of course I’m spending most of my time trying to find my next job, but I think you need to mix in some other activities to keep you active and focused.  You don’t want to spend your days just sitting in front of your computer or worse, the TV.  Use your downtime to get some exercise in, as well.  Don’t forget to spend quality time with the family.  I’ve found that I need my family now more than ever as I continue my search.

Best of luck to you and your search, too!

Thank you!
The Laid Off IT Guy!

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