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The Laid Off IT Guy! Handyman Neighborly

Many friends and family attended a birthday party that I threw for my wife a few months ago.  Among them were friends Rick and Jerri.  We sat outside on the back screened patio and enjoyed the evening.  Jerri noticed that I’d installed an additional door to the patio.  I mentioned that I’d also replaced and tightened the screens, replaced some boards and repainted the whole thing while I was at it.  Jerri saw my handiwork as an opportunity to update their dilapidated screened porch and asked me if I wanted a job.  I definitely did!

I showed up at the jobsite to take a look at Rick and Jerri’s screened porch.  The door was falling off of the hinges, 3 screens were torn and one screen panel was completely missing.  What’s worse is that they had rotted out boards that were barely holding up the roof.

She asked for a quote to repair the porch and install a new door with a pet door, as well.  I sized things up and gave her a professional looking quotation that she and her husband approved.

I started work and got into more than I bargained for when dealing with the rotted wood.  As it turns out 3 of the support columns were resting on top of a board so rotted that it could have easily collapsed if left unattended for another year.  Instead of just patching the dry rot I had to replace the 16 foot long board and had to do so carefully, to continue supporting the columns as I cut out the bad board.

Installing a pet door in a screen door brought out the creative side of my woodworking skills.  I built it in my woodshop and installed it onsite.  Lilly, the miniature poodle, was slightly apprehensive about using the new entry.  She’d been used to running in and out of all of the screen holes, some of which she was responsible for.

About a month has gone by, and Rick and Jerri have a great new patio to spend their free time enjoying and little Lilly has mastered the new pet door and I’ve got some happy customers.

I always said that if I lost my computer job I could do work in construction.  I’ve lived up to that now.

Best of luck to you on your job search.  As always, feel free to post a comment to our readers when you have something to share.

Thank you!

The Laid Off IT Guy!

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