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The Laid Off IT Guy! Getting Bad News from an Interview

Have you had an interview where everything seemed to go right, you think they like you, and you are waiting to get the call asking you when you want to start?  Then they drop the bomb that they have selected someone else!  Hurts, doesn’t it?  Here’s what happened to me last week.

I’ve had a hot lead since early June.  It was an IT Director’s job for the county government where I live.  I didn’t have any government experience, but I met or exceeded all of the qualifications that they were looking for in a candidate and had many transferable skills.

I was told that I made the cut and was 1 of 10 from over 250 applicants.  That is a small victory in itself.  By then I just had to be the best of the 10.  Sounds good, but I never got my chance!  I didn’t get called back.  Of the 10, 3 were internal candidates.  The county board of commissioners chose those 3 and 3 outside candidates.  Drat!

I suppose if they don’t like any of the 6 of them they’ll look at the remaining 4, but I’m not going to hold my breath.  They’ve taken since early June and it is now late August, so they are a slow moving entity.

Fortunately, I’ve got a new hot lead.  Let’s see how that story develops.

Write in to tell our readers about some of your interviewing experiences or near misses.  Describe “the one that got away”.  Your comments below are always appreciated.

Thank you!

The Laid Off IT Guy!

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