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The Laid Off IT Guy! Freelancing

The topic of today’s post is Freelancing.  I’m doing some of it right now under my alias.  I also write other articles under my real name.  I’ve also been a contributing author to Project Management books and newspaper and magazine articles, and will be a featured guest speaker at an upcoming Job Fair on the subject of Social Networking.

The satisfaction that I get out of writing this series of articles is that I hope that I’m helping people find jobs through advice and encouragement.  I’d love to hear from more of my readers.  You can help make this blog interactive by posting comments and questions at the bottom of this or other “The Laid Off IT Guy!” blog posts.  I’ll answer every one of them.

Most days I’m busily networking, following up on leads, and applying for positions during my job search.  It’s been 10 weeks, so far, and my outlook is still positive, but I’m getting concerned.  I’ve got great IT skills and leadership ability, and have added a certification in Project Management during my down time.  None of those activities are giving me a paycheck.  The writing assignments that I have going right now are my only paid gig. 

I really like it.  I get to be creative in what I write about.  I do it on my own time.  This is freelancing.  What it doesn’t do is pay as much as I’d like.  I’ve thought about writing a book, but the prospect of that paying dividend is quite a way off.  I’ve got encouragement from other friends that are writers.  I’ve got one friend that has done this for the past 15 years and has never had a boss.  That would be a tremendous benefit of freelancing.  You’d have time to work hard and play hard by structuring your activities according to your project deadlines and your desires.

At this juncture, I’ve written two dozen posts as “The Laid Off IT Guy!” and I’d really like to hear from you about your job hunting experiences.  Please share your comments with me and our readers.

Thank you!

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