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The Laid Off IT Guy! Free Time with the Kids

How are you doing with your job search?  I’m doing well.  Still optimistic.  Getting enough nibbles to keep me that way.  Interviewed last week for a Project Manager job.  Interviewed Monday with a medical device company for IT Director.  That has a lot of promise. I just applied online for another IT Director job (blind ad).  I probably have 6-7 active leads that I’m presently pursuing.

The bright side of this layoff is that I’ve reconnected with my kids.  I had turned into a workaholic, getting home in time to put them to bed and being stressed all of the time.  I’m still working hard at finding a job, but taking time to “stop and smell the roses” along the way. 

We went to the zoo yesterday.  Went swimming and bowling last week.  Just little things like that.  My work time is now spent in my home office.  After I’ve spent a few contiguous hours locked away writing, reading ads, applying for jobs, making calls, conducting interviews, etc., the kids want to know when it is going to be time to play again.

I help them to understand why I have to work.  They’ve taken for granted that they have a nice home to live in, food, clothing, toys, etc.  I’ve helped them understand more about economics and how that I have to have an income to be able to afford all of the things they want to do.  They are still too young to completely understand, but they do know that I need to get a job.  After my Monday interview my little girl innocently asked, “Do you have a job now?”  If it were as easy as that…

I’d really like to hear from you about your job hunting experiences.  Please share your comments with me and our readers.

Thank you!
The Laid Off IT Guy!

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