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The Laid Off IT Guy! Finally! Some Interviews

I finally got my first interview.  But once I scheduled it another opportunity appeared for the very same day!  “Feast or famine,” you might say, but mostly famine.  Interviewers aren’t wearing out my phone yet.

I know that people said that my job search in this tough economy would last a long time, but I didn’t believe them at first.  I’ve got great work experience, longevity at the companies I’ve worked for, and was just optimistic/naïve enough to think that I’d blast out my resume, line up the interviews, and have prospective employers within 2 weeks of losing my job.

After a month I hadn’t seen any interest. But then it happened, just as you’d expect, someone wanted to talk to me.  The challenge is that of the jobs available there is more competition than ever before.  If it was true that an ad in the paper used to generate 12-25 resumes and that you had a great shot at being one of the 5 people that a company would interview, now I hear stories of 300 applicants for a single job and the likelihood of your resume even being seen by human eyes is next to nil.

Yet, I did have 2 companies want to talk to me.  They were phone interviews. That is another technique used in screening candidates quickly. They don’t make you get dressed up and travel to their office, to wait in their lobby and fill out more paperwork.  They setup a 20-30 minute phone interview and cut right to the chase on what you can do for them and how much money you need to do it.  I found that approach cold the first time, but I understand what the hiring teams are up against.  They need to find the top 5 from 300 instead of 25, and they need to do it quickly.

Since I haven’t heard back from either of them, apparently I didn’t make the cut.  Please use my experience and advice on expecting your first contact to be a phone interview.  Have your resume with you, their website, and the job description all spread out in front of you.  You CAN use this interviewing format to your advantage.

Let me hear from you.  Personally, I’d like to know if you are getting very many interviews, and are they in-person or phone interviews, like what I’ve experienced.  Please post your comments to share with me and our readers!

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