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The Laid Off IT Guy! Continuing Education

It’s been 6 weeks on my job search and it is evident that there are not lots of IT Director position vacancies at the moment.  A good friend of mine, Joseph Phillips with Project Seminars, Inc., has encouraged me to broaden my skill set by getting certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP).  I’ve been doing project management throughout my career, just not in such an organized manner.  I thought to myself, what better time than the present to enhance my skills and marketability?  So I got started.

You should also know that my friend Joseph Phillips is the author of seven books on Project Management.  I contributed to his first PM book entitled, IT Project Management:  On Track From Start To Finish (McGraw-Hill).  The one most directly benefiting my endeavors to be a PMP is his book, PMP, Project Management Professional Study Guide (McGraw-Hill).  That book, plus the official reference manual of the Project Management Institute, A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide), have been the sources of my reading material while studying for my exam.

The PMP qualifications are steep.  You have to document evidence of your prior project management experience, so not everyone can take the exam, which is what makes it so valuable.  Consider it similar to an accountant trying to pass the CPA exam.  You have to have enough credit hours in school, plus relevant work experience, in addition to good study habits to pass the exam.

If you are serious about passing your PMP exam you should take the preparation class that I took.  Joe has a great online class, which he calls the PMP Boot Camp.  You can find it referenced at www.projectseminars.com.  If you contact Joe for help with your PMP study efforts, please let him know that you heard about him from me, The Laid Off IT Guy!  I’m sure he’d appreciate that.

If you’ve been in IT awhile you certainly know that it is a lifelong learning career, requiring lots of extracurricular reading.  This is just the approach that I’ve taken.  Perhaps you are studying to pass another Microsoft exam or get Cisco certified to help land your next job.

Let me hear from you.  Tell us how you bolstered your skills during your layoff, with hopefully some positive results from the experience.  Please share with our readers by posting your comments!

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