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Traenk wants to know how much faster we can become more sustainable, using fewer resources, with an application of common technology.

First, I'm enjoying Larry Constantine's great article on Stuxnet.  Frequent readers of these blogs know that the controller world is approaching the Internet risks with gaps similar to those that plagued the first UNIX and Windows systems that got to meet the world's most skilled hackers.  Need a good read

We have a more advanced washer and separate dryer.  That seems a waste of space and resources.  It encourages excessive laundering at once, and that dumps too much gray water into the septic.

I hope to go with a combination unit.  What's next?

I now get a lot of alerts on my financial accounts.  Can we link my theoretical washer/dryer combination unit to the Internet?  Can it alert me when it needs more soap, softener, etc dumped into the hoppers?  Can it alert me when the clothes are ready for hangering, without wrinkles growing, as my daughter asked me to do as she worked on homework upstairs?

In short, the proliferation of cheap CDMA and other wireless modems can allow us to link all sorts of devices to phone/mobile networks that are often first thing to infiltrate an area.

Now if only I can get the washer to link to the SOA service running on the home's grocery web service, maybe have it copy the two-dimensional bar code to the growing list of items, maybe have the grocery service submit the order to the online store, which will pack the order and have it ready for me as commute home from work.  Of course, I'll need to check through the order a bit before authorizing payment, which happens within seconds, and so it is that we complete the circle.

Who needs a separate, resource-consuming trip to the store?  For that matter, would big trucks making deliveries to a neighborhood be a better idea?

There's so much possible.  I welcome your notes about the obvious security issues below.


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