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Steps You Might Take to Keep Your Laptop Running

It's an old HP tx1000 to you, but to me, it's a cool machine that's worthy of a second life.

Yes, Windows 7 has done this body, er, this tablet PC good.  It starts reliably.  It has longer battery life.  The fan doesn't ROAR under the taskload of trying to keep this cool.

Let me add a few other things that may have contributed to this tablet's new-found longevity.  I shop at Wal-Mart.  I like 'em.  I get NO deals or anything for writing about them.  They have adhesive-backed rubber pads you might use for shock and slip control.  Think about putting them on your old laptop.  Raising your laptop up a few millimeters may help the air flow.

No, don't straddle a removeable cover's boundary with one of these.  No, don't mount one over fan cooling holes.  Just find a few spots that aren't covers, seams, or screwholes.

I have found low-cost chillpads at Big Lots, another set of stores I frequent with no special deals extended to me.  These laptop pads with the built-in fans are great.  The TX 1000, however, is kinda small.  It doesn't fit nicely on most chillpads.  Instead, I chose to use my high school yearbook.  No fans, but the stable, flat, non-collapsible surface keeps the air flow clear of obstructions, say, your right pantleg covering an air duct.

In return for your cheapola investment in no-slip pads, you too may get continued service from a laptop you thought too slow and old.  Can't wait to resume coding up my apps that emphasize touchscreen and handwriting recog for simpler user interfaces!


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